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Who is the Best Psychic? How to Find the Best Psychic For Your Next Reading

Who else is looking for the best psychic reading? If you are actively in the “market” for a psychic reading, the chances are you want the best, right? I mean, who is looking for an average psychic or just someone “so-so”? But in my 20 years of experience with readings, both personally and professionally, I see people making the very same mistakes over and over again when it comes to identifying who REALLY is the best psychic for them…

  1. People who are having their FIRST reading and aren’t sure what they are looking for
  2. People who mistakenly think a good psychic costs a TON of money.
  3. People who don’t realize there are many DIFFERENT types of psychics (and readings) and don’t recognize that EACH individual has individual needs!

Best Psychics

My best advice for people new to the psychic scene for picking the right reader?

Understand that who may be “best” for me….may NOT be best for you. Understand that comfort, and rapport with a reader is really important to not only getting a great reading, but to feeling like you’ll actually use and apply the advice and information you’ve been given!

That you CAN get a great psychic reading at a fraction of the cost that the celebrities charge…and that these readings are often FAR better and more astoundingly good than the “name brand” celebrity psychics offer. (my best reading in 20 years cost about 18… worst close to 1800!)

Remember, a psychic connection is an entirely personal, and intimate experience!

When you call (or visit) a psychic for the first time, you should feel comfortable, and confident. You should feel excited…but NOT overwhelmed! And you should have fun first and foremost…even if the reason you are calling is serious and somber.

The truth is, a great reading is like connecting with a great friend, AND your highest and best self. In that world…..all is “ok”, even when things AREN’T ok! (and that’s the reason so many people flock to get good psychic advice….it reminds us all that everything, regardless of how it looks right now, WILL be okay in the end..:-)


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