Materialize Your Thoughts And Create Your Life

Materialize Your Thoughts


You may have heard the statement countless times that “if you can see it and believe it you can achieve it”. Or maybe you’ve heard a pastor or spiritual teacher teach the Biblical principle of “call into being things that are not”. Perhaps you were taught from a scientific perspective that your thoughts manifest. But how exactly do thoughts manifest? Is the idea of our thoughts materializing a fact or a just a hypothesis?

We all have thoughts and visions of a reality for our lives, but for many of us, your current lifestyle doesn’t compare to the fantasies that cross your mind from time-to-time. With this being the case, the question is asked once more… do our thoughts manifest? And if so which thoughts materialize and how do I manifest the positive thoughts that I want to come into fruition versus the negative ones that seem to plague my existence?

Nueroscientists and psychologists have proven that which you seek is also seeking you. Here’s how: without going too deep into the science behind it, note that every continual thought produces a physical reaction in the brain. Each thought produces an electrical reaction in your brain that connects cells or sends information to and from one cell to another.

If by chance your thought produces an electrical reaction that has no other cell to connect to, the brain begins the process of creating a new cell. The more you focus on a particular thought, the more your brain will react by connecting the cells needed to bring your thought into fruition or creating the cells needed to produce the same result.

Create Your Life

In other words, your brain functions like an artist… first comes the vision and then the masterpiece.

As you visualize (mentally internalize) the existence of your thought or idea you are also having emotional reactions to this vision. Your main thought coupled with your emotions emit a vibration that acts as a magnate to attract all that you will need to do, know, have or say to bring this thought into a physical reality.

As you act to bring this idea into fruition you are literally causing the reality of this thought to move towards you. Therefore, each step that you take towards achieving your goal equals two steps forward of this goal being manifested.

Why, because your thoughts along with the physical reaction in your brain and the emotional responses that you are vibrating into the atmosphere act as a magnate that attracts the object to you. Your thoughts literally send out a vibratory frequency (much like a radio station) that gives legs to your vision and causes it to walk towards you. And every step (act you do to achieve this dream) forces you in the direction of your goal.

Your thoughts bring the fulfillment of the goal to you and your actions bring you towards the goal. So what starts out appearing that you have to travel the entire distance to reach the goal… is actually you and the reality of this goal meeting up halfway along the journey.

Your thoughts and emotions are like a driver’s side car mirror… the objects in the mirror are closer than they actually appear.

And the opposite is true as well. Every negative thought is you with your foot on the gas pedal while looking in the rear view mirror; these thoughts drive you away from your desired reality. It is imperative that you guard your thoughts from any debilitating ideas or actions that will cause negative emotions in your mind, body and soul.

You are a spiritual being living in a natural body. Your world without is a reflection of your world within. To improve your outward appearance you must improve how you see yourself on the inside. Renew your mind… and the life you want to live will follow.

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