How Do We Know Prayer Works

how do we know that prayer works


Prayer is an act of projection. We project thoughts in the form of a request to the unseen God of our understanding. We expect a return, and acceptance for that expectation has to be unconditional.

How do we know prayer works? if the level of consciousness is equal to the level of mind into which we project the request; we are doing well. No fear or doubt can exist in the projection of the prayer or after the prayer is emitted. Fear, doubt, or any attitude of limit interferes with reflection and results.

The energy of thought must have something to resonate with in order to make a connection allowing feedback.

If the frequencies projected from mind travel in total trust, faith, and without doubt, as well as with an attitude of total acceptance, they are absolute and can connect with the higher mind or God mind frequencies that create healing. This adds power to intention and can manifest results as prayer requests reflect back through resonance. These intense frequencies of light are carried back to where we are and by our acceptance, creating healing.


Why Doesn’t Prayer Work?

Prayer doesn’t work for two reasons.

First, we are on the planet to learn. Much of how we learn is through negative experiences; difficult, sad and painful.

The soul knows what we must experience in order to learn and when we make an attempt to pray our way out of those experiences, nothing happens. We would never learn if we could pray our way out of challenges, so we ourselves negate the prayer in order to evolve in awareness and understanding.

How Do We Know Prayer Works

Second, when we pray there is generally an element of doubt that negates our prayer. This is usually due to issues of worthiness. We stop the projection at the level of the psychic, or mental realm of energy by our judgment; “I’ll pray for it but I really don’t deserve it.” Doubt the size of a mustard seed is enough to sabotage a prayer request.

Prayers never get to heaven, so to speak, because of our lack of trust, faith, belief and finally acceptance. If our ability to receive what we pray for is not absolute, prayer fails.


How Do We Know Prayer Works?

I think one reason prayer works is to teach us to look deeper. Without some prayers being answered, we might not consider the possibility of something beyond us.

Prayer in terms of energy works because when an absolute thought meets an absolute intention, it manifests through absolute acceptance.

When you make prayer requests, god hears more than you are saying, he answers more than you ask, he gives more than you imagine. He gives certainly but in his own time and way.

Then do not worry for the delay in your answers to the prayer requests as compared to others because the development of a pyramid takes too much time than a standard building. When you are feeling god is rubbing you against socks, don’t think that he will ruin you down to dust; it is basically his way of polishing a gem man must realize god; see god; feel god; speak with god and this can be achieved completely and only by making prayer requests to him.

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