How To Eliminate Mental Barriers

How To Remove Mental Barriers

The Whole World Belongs To You

The Problems of Mind cannot be solved at the level of mind. What are the problems of mind? Insecurity, uneasiness, anxiety, disconnection from the source, a feeling of isolation, comparison, craving for more money, craving for higher position, status, job etc.

To complete the LACK or GAP- which is nothing. It only exists in the mind. Actually we lack nothing. We are perfectly created by our creator. These gaps and lacks are all fallacies, phantoms, created by our mind. They do not exist in reality. As a famous author has said:

The moment you realize that you lack nothing; The Whole World Belongs To You.

Yes, it is true. We lack nothing. We do not need a single more thing to complete ourselves. Then from where is this craving, this lack comes from?? Remember; it is all ego generated. Actually mind is an instrument of the Ego and wants to make us its instrument. Now it is up to us. We have two choices; either control our minds or get controlled by them.

If we see through the mind dominated lens, then we see lacks and gaps and craving and incompleteness everywhere. Minds lets us compare with other people of higher status or job or wealth or money and instantly our confidence is gone and we are submerged in a sea of inferiority complex. So we have to leave our mind, we have to leave our ego. So what is the solution?


If you please refer to the first line after the caption it reads: THE PROBLEMS OF MIND CANNOT BE SOLVED AT THE LEVEL OF MIND. What does it mean?

It means we have to move one step up. We have to ascend one level above the level of mind. And what is that? It is no mind. It means we have to quiet our mind. We have to develop a habit to listen to the thoughts it incessantly generates, as an observer. We have to become an observer of our thoughts.

The moments we just quietly sit at a comfortable place and just observe the thoughts that are coming to our mind, impartially; without passing a judgment whether they are right or wrong, the mind loses its grip on us. We and our mind become two distinct entities. We instantly come out of the illusion that WE ARE OUR MIND. Please note that YOU ARE NOT YOUR MIND. You are a being higher than your mind.

how to overcome mental barriers

You are a being which can observe, correct, control and direct your mind. That is why we are called human-BEINGS! Mind is a superb instrument when used properly but if you are unable to stop the incessant noise and thoughts coming into your head whenever you like, then know that the instrument has taken over you. It has controlled you. You have become its captive. It has enslaved you!

Now the question naturally arises how to achieve all this. How to enter this NO-MIND state whenever we like? The answer is PRESENT MOMENT. To be a no limit person; to be a fulfilled person; to be a complete, peaceful, serene, poised, focused and contented person just live in the present moment.

Present moment is a great threat to mind and to ego. Mind cannot stand the present moment. It constantly takes you either to the past which causes guilt and depression or to the future which causes tension, stress and anxiety.

The moment you fully focus on the job at hand, the moment you are fully and completely absorbed in what you are doing presently, it runs away. It hides in the background and you feel such a joy, serenity, calmness that cannot be expressed in words and can only be felt practically.

So, in short, living in the present moment is the panacea of all problems generated by our mind that are not real actually but impede our progress, growth and above all destroy our peace of mind.

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