I Am God In Action And You Too

I am God in action

We Are Gods Among Other Gods

When I say we are all Gods this is not meant for our lower self which is temporal and finite. The lower self is composed of four bodies. Each one of these bodies functions, from the plane they correlate with.

The physical is where we engage with one another and learn from our experiences. The astral is where our emotion body functions at. The causal is where the memory of our past lives are kept. The mental plane is the mind, subconscious is the upper part of the mental..
The lower Worlds are an illusion, temporal and finite. It is spirit that animates all of life and makes it real.

The divine plan and purpose in creating lower worlds of time, matter, energy and space. Also, they are worlds of opposites; good and evil, love and hate, positive and negative.. They are for Soul’s education. The lower bodies protects Soul from the course lower vibration. It is the lower bodies Soul needs for Its education from the effects of the negative and positive experiences. These experiences are from the many life forms Soul embodied through Its reincarnations. The lower vibrations temper soul in becoming purified. When they are ready, they will be liberated to return back to the True God Worlds.

In the beginning, the sea was the cradle of life. The energies formed the masses of molecules that formed a complex union. These masses of molecules evolved and developed into a protozoa, a single cell organism. and finally into vegetation and a variety of plant life of the sea. After millions years, many creatures from the sea were formed and there they came out of the sea upon the land.

The fish were the first that started evolving toward human embodiment. The lower bodies are a protective covering for Soul’s from these course lower vibrations. Soul gains its education through the millions upon millions of lifetimes. This was all in the Divine plan that one day Soul would have an opportunity to return back to the Godhead and become a conscious co-worker throughout eternity.


Soul is our true God self.

It is the divine spark created by the creator. Soul is identical in substance with the divine spirit which is a body of pure light and sound. Soul contains all Love, Wisdom, Power, Freedom and beyond. Soul know’s through direct perception and It exist in a state of Seeing, Knowing and Being. It has a three hundred and sixty view. Soul is neither limited nor defined. The qualities listed, are only a part of soul but never the whole.

One must realize that we are Soul itself! The other parts which are our lower bodies, being temporal and finite, are also governed by the spiritual law of reincarnation. They only serve Soul during its time in the lower worlds for Soul’s education.

If one wishes to reach into the area of Self and God Realization, you must have a desire for truth greater than life itself. Truth is the only way back to God via the Audible Life Stream.

God in action

True experience of the true God self which occurs during Self Realization and the personal experience of God ITSELF, during God Realization, Is achieved through projection of ones Soul body, via Soul Travel, into the very heart of God ItSelf. This personal experience which cannot come from books, lectures, emotions nor thoughts. When Soul transcends the lower worlds of time and matter, soul then gains Is ness, Being ness, Seeing ness and Am ness. Soul is then identical in substance to Divine Spirit.

Soul contains all Love, Wisdom, Power and Freedom. Soul is a law unto itself and IT is a unit of all levels of states consciousness. It is able to take on the embodiments of all life forms at their state of consciousness. Soul is eternal and exist, because God Love It.

Soul’s destiny is to return to the heart of God as a fully conscious co- worker. We are all God’s among other Gods.

The higher worlds are magnificent and beyond description. Those that truly desire to go beyond, must be very selfless and love God with all their body, mind and Soul.

Soul being eternal, It will return back to the heart of God as a fully conscious co- worker. We are all Gods among other God’s.

If you happen to assume that you just received’t really feel betrayed, then you shouldn’t give out the knowledge; nonetheless, when you assume that the knowledge is vital to the opposite particular person, it’s best to share it. IT’S FREE!

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