Living In Touch With Your Soul

Living In Touch With Your Soul

How To Get In Touch With Your Soul

One can prove it to themselves by having a direct experience. This is done by the spiritual exercises, which helps us being aware of our true self, soul. Soul is all knowing, seeing and being. Through these spiritual exercises we become aware that we are not the little self, and that our true existence is not here in the physical or anywhere in these lower worlds.

This includes the Physical, Astral, Causal and Mental planes. These lower planes are governed by time, matter, energy, space, birth, death, reincarnation and karma. Because of the lower vibration here in these lower worlds, soul must function in one of the lower bodies which protects it from the harsh vibrations of the lower worlds.

Far above in the pure true God worlds, is where the true self, soul exists before we are sent to the lower worlds to learn our lessons from our experiences. Through the many ages it took for this process of learning from these endless experiences, we begin to unfold spiritually and gain spiritual maturity.

Achieving this enormous task is not possible in a single lifetime. There are many reasons for this because of the number obstacles pitfalls, negative traps and illusions. This keeps ourselves reincarnating life after life for millions of lifetimes.

Man has searched for the truth of himself during the ages of time and never finding but bits of the puzzle. Religious teachings have given him solace in believing in a Supreme Being. This alone will not liberate him from these lower worlds.

how to get in touch with your soul

Our experiences are lessons for learning. These experiences are based on the law of cause and effect, for every action there is a reaction. These causes came from past lives. Here in our current life we are experiencing these causes. We begin to unfold spiritually and gain spiritual maturity, only when we learn our experiences with a loving attitude.

We will begin to have a greater awareness which brings on inner yearning for truth. This may happen from a desire in reading books, articles and talks on spirituality.

Our spiritual awakening gives us the true meaning and purpose of the many births and deaths we have. Each moment after birth is an opportunity to spiritually unfold. Our purpose is to learn from our experiences, not to judge ourselves by our mistakes. Always have an open heart for Divine love to flow out to ourselves and to others.

Your True Self, which is” Soul that Divine Spark of God,” has a Divine mission to return back to the True God Worlds and become a co-worker for God in eternity.

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