Living The Law Of Attraction

Living The Law Of Attraction

How ?

Have you heard about law of attraction? Many people even well-known personalities such as Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale and Bob Proctor talked about this law in their movie “The Secret.” The tells us that the universe or “Infinite Intelligence” is helping us materialize what we wish for.

Just like law of gravity, whenever an apple falls from the tree it will definitely goes down on the earth because of an unseen force we call gravity. This law also supports that there is an unseen great force that’s out there which conspire to make your dreams a reality.

In order to benefit from this, there are simple techniques that you can perform to help you realize your dreams in life.

1) Ask, Believe and Receive – You need to ask what your desires are. After asking, you need to believe that you can achieve these desires. You need to focus your thoughts and efforts on these beliefs. You may have it in no time or have it in a long time but the third step is to receive these desires.

Law Of Attraction

The first technique supports the saying “what the mind of a man can conceive, the body can achieve”.

2) Creative Visualization – Others call this technique “auto-suggestion”. This technique is more effective when you perform in the morning and in the evening before you sleep. In your quite time, you vividly imagine that you have achieved the things that you desire. In your imagination, you feel the exact feelings of having these things in reality.

3) Having a vision board – In the movie, “The Secret”, a man who transferred to their new house is unpacking his things, then, he realized that their new house was one of the pictures on his vision board (he made few years back) that he pulled out from a box. A vision board is a collection of pictures of the things you dream of. You may also put some inspiring and empowering quotes on it.

But I want to end this by sharing this saying,” Wealth consists not in having great possessions but in having few wants”. Remember that simplicity, generosity and frugality also good traits of oneself.

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