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There are many times in our lives when we choose to consult with a medium to provide us with readings. Past lives psychic readings are becoming an increasingly popular choice. But why? And how can we use them to our full advantage?


But why opt for a past life psychic reading?

Sometimes, we can feel that there are problems and issues that are rooted in our lives and we do not know why or where they have come from. Past life readings will take a person back to the source of the issue, acknowledge the circumstances, help us understand them which, in turn, will prompt our acceptance of them – and from this important step we will leap-frog forward as we bring this healing power in to our current lives.

People ask for a past life reading for a variety of reasons such as;

  • Financial issues
  • The inability to settle with one career
  • The same cycle of unhappy relationships or friendships
  • Health issues with no obvious cause
  • Recurrent nightmares with the same subject
  • The feeling of not being able to celebrate success

This is not an exhaustive list but if you feel there is a pattern to your issue or problem and that there is no obvious cause, then a past life psychic reading could be for you.

Past Life Readings


Getting the most from past life psychic readings

Like all psychic readings, this type of reading needs to be an interaction between the reader and the seeker (you or the customer, in other words). A medium or psychic is providing the services of a ‘middleman’. Unfortunately, some people seeking answers think they will have the answers, neatly laid out for them. Sceptics believe that the failure to provide answers in this way is proof that psychic readings are a non-scientific and useless rouse.

Psychics will be given information that makes little or no sense to them and will simply relay this information to the seeker. Subsequent reactions, questions and feedback will be used by the psychic to carry on the reading, using their own skill to tap in to the correct messages.

You will need to approach past life psychic readings with an open mind.

Seeking a past life psychic reading is a way of a person acknowledging that they, as a person in today’s life, cannot progress in their current life without facing the obstacles and blocks from our past. Psychic readings of this nature will identify the root of this issue and begin to understand from where the issues emanates. Hopefully, at this point an individual can start to heal themselves and by doing this, moving them forward in their current lives.

If you think that you won’t feel betrayed, then you should not give out the information; however, if you think that the information is important to the other person, you should share it. IT’S FREE!

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