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Should You Use a Psychic Hotline?

Have you been thinking about using a psychic hotline? If so, you’re not alone; psychic hotlines are very popular, and a very profitable business has grown up around them. However, they also attract a lot of criticism. Let’s take a look at psychic hotlines in more detail.

What Is A Psychic Hotline?

This is basically a service where you call a telephone number to speak directly to a psychic. You pay a fee in return, which may be added to your phone bill, or you pay with your credit card, depending on the service.

Why Use A Psychic Phone Service?

Many people like psychic hotlines because they provide an easy, low hassle way to get psychic advice. It’s certainly easier to make a phone call than it is to seek out a psychic in person, and this kind of service is especially good for people who don’t know any local psychics, or who are unwilling or unable to visit one in person for whatever reason.

People seek the advice of psychics for a whole variety of reasons. For example, some are looking for insights about personal problems or issues in their lives, some wish to contact deceased friends and relatives, whereas others might have questions about their future.

Psychic Hotline


Are Psychic Phone Lines A Scam?

Psychic hotlines have a bad reputation in many circles, and often for good reason. It’s easy to set up a fraudulent psychic phone service – after all, psychics are not required to prove their abilities, nor is there a regulatory system in place that would enable them to do so.

However, this doesn’t mean that no psychic hotlines are genuine. Hotlines can provide a way for legitimate psychics to make a living, and while some people also believe that real psychics should not charge for their services, this is perhaps an unreasonable position, given that most people use their natural skills and abilities to make money. It’s arguable that psychic abilities should not be any different; after all, psychics need to pay the bills, just like everybody else.

The important thing then, is to do your research first, to minimise your chances of being ripped off. Make sure you read all the small print carefully, and know exactly what the charges will be, as well as tracking the amount of time you spend on the call so you can check the charge against your bill later. When talking to the psychic, look out for leading questions and attempts at ‘cold reading’ – they should be providing you with information, not the other way around! It’s also a good idea to look for reviews, and see what other people are saying about the psychic and/or hotline in question first, so you can avoid those with a bad reputation.

Perhaps most importantly, don’t give too much weight to what the psychic says, even if you’re convinced that they’re genuine. Psychics give their readings based on the energy that they’re picking up from you at that moment in time, and nothing is set in stone. Remember that you always have the power to change your current and future circumstances if they’re not your liking, so while the psychic may provide some useful guidance, they don’t have any more power or insight into your life than you do yourself.

Talking with a genuine psychic can be a good way to start taking advantage of that wider knowledge and insight that extra sensory powers can provide. But in the long term, the best option is to develop your own latent extra-sensory abilities. We all have them, but they lay dormant in most people. They can always be reawakened however, and it’s well worth making the effort to do so, if you want to maximise the power and control you exert over your own life experience.


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