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Psychic Telephone Readings – Are They Accurate?

Who else is thinking about getting a psychic telephone reading? Are you curious, but still skeptical about how accurate a phone psychic could possibly be? Does the idea of being able to get a reading, with an elite level, world class psychic from the comfort or convenience of your own home appeal to you but do you wonder if you’d be BETTER off going to see someone in person, instead?

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at psychic telephone readings, and why many believe they are the EASIEST way for ordinary people to get access to extraordinary information and intuitive’s, EVEN if they are skeptical about psychic abilities right now! Curious to know more? Let’s take a closer look immediately below.

Isn’t seeing a psychic in PERSON more likely to be legitimate?

No, believe it or not, this is a pretty big myth! (and one that I believed for a long time as well) The truth is, telephone psychic readings are thought to be MUCH more evidential than those you’d get in person and FAR less likely to be made up, or the product of someone who is cold reading, or just a good “guesser” as well..:-)

Psychic Telephone


Why would this be the case?

Because most skeptics and cynics will tell you that it’s easy to produce accurate information about someone that APPEARS to be of psychic origin, simply through reading body language, or mannerisms, or even reacting to how people respond when they’re sitting right in front of you. Eye movements, shifts in how you sit, your clothes, your level of relaxation, your AGE, etc. all of this can be used during a reading to quickly and easily figure out things that may appear to be RIGHT, but are really only good guesses by someone who understands human behavior and is NOT psychic at all.

And telephone readings?

Much more difficult! They are “blind” in the sense that its’ much harder for a “fake” psychic to get accurate information through artificial means. For example – several years ago, I had a friend call one of my favorite psychics without ANY previous contact, and the very first thing that came up in the reading was that he suffered from serious skin condition and that it was really negatively impacting his life. The truth is, this friend has an unusual form of aggressive psoriasis that covers some 75% of his body and anyone who knows him realizes it’s the BIGGEST issue he struggles with on a day to day basis.

Had this been told to him in person, it would NOT have meant a thing. (because it’s visible) But considering it came up in the first 3 minutes of a phone reading with someone sitting hundreds of miles away without any visual clues, it was truly a revelation that was impossible to explain away. (and much else followed that was equally as astonishing)

The truth is if you want PROOF that psychic abilities are real, and that your life DOES have a purpose, the easiest way of getting that is not reading articles like this but rather, getting your OWN first hand experience with a legitimate telephone psychic instead!

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